Scrum in Excel

I looked for an easy Backlog template and couldn’t find one to my liking. Therefore I developed an Excel-template myself, which I would like to share with all Scrum adepts.

It is the first increment of the product. So any feedback is welcome and will be considered to be included in the ProductBacklog. When you want to contribute then you’re invited, to take a look at the ProductBacklog. Which you can download here. Feel free to contact me via:

Everyone is free to use it, but please do not distribute it yourself and share the link to this download page instead. Thanks for you comprehension and I hope to hear your feedback.

SCRUMTool for Excel

Instruction: In the ProductBacklog and SprintBacklog, you can copy a line, after which you should copy the list-boxes as well. These list-boxes should then be connected to the cell behind it.
(For the first increment this meets my Definition of Done 😉 ).
When you need help to set it up, you can contact me to request a remote-support-session.

Excel Scrumtool

Agile Project Management in Excel

For an external developer to plan and communicate progress, I developed a lightweight version of ‘SCRUMTool for Excel’ (Dutch).

Agile project management sjabloonIntroductie scherm

Product BacklogProduct Backlog

ScrumMaster Intervision

As Professional ScrumMaster it is usefull to exchange experiences and best-practices with peer Scrum adepts. Therefore I, together with other ScrumMasters, regularly organize ScrumMaster intervision-meetings. When you want to participate please contact me.